D’Avino’s story was born a long time ago. In 1927, the first Francesco D’Avino, grandfather of the current CEO, founded a business that has always been able to grow and evolve thanks to its ability to answer the market’s requests.

D’Avino was born as a company focusing on the baking industry (bread in particular), but gradually, over the years, its focus shifted to the transformation of sugar and the sale of flour. The founder was then succeeded by his son, Vincenzo, who in turn brought his own son, Francesco jr, into the company. From the very beginning, young Francesco was put to the test with different tasks:

“I remember – tells Francesco D’Avino, current CEO of D’Avino srl – when my father brought me into the company I was assigned different jobs. I paid my dues like anyone else: I was a shop boy, I drove the delivery truck, I even washed the floor when necessary! Living this way has brought me closer to the core of the business, making me admire the value of team spirit, in which D’Avino believes even more today.”

Il fondatore
Il fondatore

Francesco D’Avino’s input has represented a turning point for the company, transforming it into the successful reality it is today. Today, D’Avino plays a leading role in its market, thanks to the choice of working with sugar transformation and customizing the final product: from the custom packaging of individual envelopes to the bags and cases of sugar, whether white, impalpable or granulated.

A cut with the past which has not failed to yield results, bringing the company into the future without forgetting the strong relationship with the past and the family management that has been its strength.


“We’ve started from a solid business, the result of my father’s and the founder’s work. In the last few years, we’ve worked with determination to enhance the value of this reality, always looking to the future and choosing to face the market and the customer requests day by day,” says F. D’Avino.

This is the reason why D’Avino srl has always been able to diversify the offer and stabilize its leadership in a sector in which quality and excellence are essential.

Research and innovation: the next step will be the launch of new products, enriching and diversifying the offer even more, from icing sugar for cake design to flavoured sugars. D’Avino is still looking forward, following trends, yet above all continuing to satisfy the needs of every customer.

Il fondatore


Dave the Ant is the unique and unmistakable mascot of D’Avino.
Ants are intelligent and laborious creatures, seemingly tireless and great at teamwork. But most importantly: who in the world loves sugar more than ants!?
Dave is a cheerful and trusted travel companion that accompanies the young and old in the sweet world of D’Avino. Follow Dave as he tries his hand as a cook, a barman, a pastry-chef… Follow him on our social channels!