Santa Claus Village, Sir Pop and D’Avino at Edenlandia

The opening of the new Santa Claus Village Edenlandia, on Saturday, November 26th, is the most anticipated Christmas event for old and young Neapolitans. For the event, the Boss of Sir Cotton Candy, Pop Sweet, will create sweets and colorful works of art to be discovered. Sir Pop, famous for his artistic creations of cotton candy, with D’Avino’s products, will be the protagonist of the initiative that will include street food, games, shows, entertainment, shopping, and will end on December 26th.

During the event “The House of Tales”, Santa’s Claus’ elf will narrate fairy tales to the children, while the organizer will show the adults the many projects sponsored by the city of Naples and the Naples provincial committee of Unicef. “Taking part in the preview inauguration of a historical and well-loved funfair like Edenlandia is a unique opportunity for me, without forgetting the social and charitable purpose of the event, sponsored by Unicef’s neapolitan division”. This is the comment of the Cotton Candy Boss, Sir Pop.